Girls Varsity Lacrosse · 04/30 Plymouth Varsity Girls Lacrosse 7 – 17 Loss to Livonia

This was a tough game to watch because it felt like Plymouth didn’t show up. After a loss there is only one question to ask, “Did you play to the best of your ability?”, if the answer is, “yes”, the we were just outplayed by a better team. Livonia outplayed us, and they were a better team, it was just disappointing that we didn’t put up a fight.

The first ten minutes saw a back and forth battle with each team scoring two goals. Thanks to Erin Donnelly and Mackenzie Miller it looked like it might be a close game. The next 15 minutes saw Plymouth take a beating leaving the score at the half 2-10.

Second half saw Plymouth’s Ainsley Florence scoring first, but Livonia answered with another three goals. Throughout the rest of the game Plymouth managed another four goals form Shae Buroker, Mackenzie Miller, and the final two from Averi Zale. However, for every goal that Plymouth scored, Livonia answered with a goal of their own consistently maintaining a 10 goal differential.