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Wildcat Nation-
As of last winter, the Plymouth High School athlete registration process is 100% digital.  The good news is none of us has to deal with paperwork.  The bad news is registering via ArbiterAthlete can be a bit time consuming the first go-around.  Below is the process every family must complete before their child will be allowed to practice:
  1. Register via Arbiter Athlete here. This process takes a while, so please set aside some time to complete it.  Both the parent and athlete are required to create an account, so it’s a good idea to do the registration process together.  If your son played a winter or spring sport during the 2018-19 school year, you are already familiar with ArbiterAthlete.  You, or your son, do not need to create a new account.  Simply login, upload/complete the forms, and you’re good to go.  If you already have an account, you can login here.
    1. All forms must be uploaded/completed by Friday 8/9 at 4 pm. If not, your son will not be able to participate on the official first day of practice (8/12).
    2. Along with uploading your son’s physical form, you will complete a consent form, medical emergency form, concussion history form, and athletic registration form during the registration process.
    3. Although the process takes some time, the site is very user-friendly and offers a “Guide” to help you with the process.  See below for additional information on ArbiterAthlete.
  2. Get a physical.  The MHSAA physical form can be downloaded here.  Please make sure it is dated after 4/15/19 and every single line is filled out.  If it is not completely filled out, it is invalid and cannot be approved per MHSAA rules.  The physical will be uploaded during the registration process- paper copies will not be accepted by the football staff or athletic office.
  3. Pay the $385 P-CCS pay-to-participate fee here.  This must be paid online- no checks will be accepted by the football staff or in the athletic office.  The deadline for pay-to-participate is 9/15.
    1. If your family participates in the free/reduced lunch program, this fee may be waived. If this applies to your family, please contact Sharon, the PHS athletic secretary, at 734-582-5702 or  The football program cannot assist in this process, as it is a violation of FERPA laws.
ArbiterAthlete has a toll-free helpline to answer questions and resolve problems.  If an issue arises, please call 1-888-668-7452 and they can walk you through the process. Some additional handouts that may be helpful include:
Lastly, any questions that are directly related to the football program should be directed to our Director of Football Operations, Eric Sherman.  His email is
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