Wildcats News · Plymouth Athletics 2019-2020 #PlymouthGRIT

Wildcat Nation, 

It is my great pleasure to announce the beginning of the 2019-2020 Plymouth Athletics Campaign! 

As we embark on the next chapter of our department I would like to examine our vision for this year. 

In 2017-2018 we embraced the mantra “All in for Plymouth”. This was a call to our stakeholders to band together and develop a community culture. We saw a rise in student leadership and collaboration. We experienced increased student participation in athletics and activities. We watched thousands of student support each other at events. We embraced coaches reaching out to support one another in competition and training. All of these factors led to personal growth, team success and department culture changes.

In 2018-2019 our department mantra was “Raise the Standard”. This slogan comes from a famous Michael Jordan story. After the final game of his career Michael Jordan was asked “what sets you apart?”, he responded, “every day, I demand more from myself than anybody else could humanly expect. I’m not competing with somebody else. I’m competing with what I’m capable of.” In 2018-2019 we worked together to build on our foundation and raise the standard for what we are capable of as a department. Last year was the most successful year in school history. We achieved 2 KLAA Division Championships, 2 KLAA Conference Championships, 3 MHSAA District Championships, 5 MHSAA Regional Championships, 3 MHSAA Final Four Appearances, 2 State Runner-Up Finishes, and 1 State Championship. Our department had 18 All-State Athletes and one State DREAM Team Athlete. 

In 2019-2020 our department will embrace the mantra “Plymouth GRIT”. The concept of “GRIT” comes from researcher Angela Duckworth who wanted to answer the question, “who is successful and why?” Angela studied military personnel, athletes, and business leaders to discover what made them successful. She determined that Courage, Conscientiousness, Perseverance, Resilience and Passion were the characteristics that set high achieving individuals apart. All of these terms can be summarized by the term “GRIT”. In 2019-2020 we will embrace GRIT to achieve and grow as individuals and a group. Demand more from yourself and your teams. Embody the characteristics of Courage, Conscientiousness, Perseverance, Resilience and Passion.