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Wildcat Captains Interview

Plymouth Basketball

Devon Wisniewski (#23)


How is your season going?
So far our season is going pretty well, we are in the early stages of the season and are working on getting everything down and making sure that we’re all on the same page.

What have you done to be a leader?
One of the things that I value as a leader is leading by example as well as by voice, so I always try to make sure that I’m doing the same stuff that I’m asking of my teammates, and trying to set a good example for the rest of the team.

How is your team chemistry?
We have a good team chemistry at this point in the year, and it is only getting better each day as we get to know each other even more and grow closer as a team.

Whos your team’s biggest competition?
Our biggest competition this year, and the biggest games on our schedule are most likely the games against Canton and Salem, because those are park games that always seem to be intense and down to the wire games. Those are games that you always want to win.

How do you get your team ready for a match?
I talk to my whole team and just make sure that we are all locked in and focused, and are all on the same page on what we want to do and how we plan on doing it.

How has being a captain impacted you?
Being a captain has given me a great opportunity to develop my leadership skills, such as communication and work ethic, as a lot of people do not get the chance to do something like this, so I feel that it gives me an advantage and helps me to grow as a person.

Do you have any advice for other captains?
I would just advise them to try and develop a relationship with everyone on your team, as that causes them to respect you more, and put more trust into you as a leader, which then leads to you being able to be a better leader for the entire group.

Do you feel like you’re are being the best of captain that you could be?
I feel like there are always some things that I can get better at, and that there is always room for improvement somewhere. At the moment, I feel like one thing I could improve even more upon would be communicating to my teammates in every aspect, whether on the court or off it.

If you could change something about your season what would it be?
If I could change something about my season, it would be to make it so I would be able to go out and support all of the other winter sports teams more often.

What are your goals for the season?
Our team’s goals for the season is to put ourselves in a position to win every game on our schedule, and to improve as a team everyday. We also want to win all four park games against Canton and Salem, and win a District Championship.

What would you like us to know about your sport?
I would like to stress to everyone how much time is committed to this program year round by our players and especially our coaching staff, who make a ton of sacrifices for my team and I. I do not want their sacrifices for us as a team to go unnoticed, as they are what truly makes this program what it is.