Multiple Teams · Cats Captains Interview – Kayla and Hailey


Name: hailey Wasik and kayla courtney

Sport: Volleyball


How is your season going?

Not as we hoped for but is still fun and have a good group of girls to be with

What have you guys done to be a leader?

Very vocal, optimistic, help girls when frustrated, leader on and off the court, run timeouts

How is your team chemistry?

Really good, every ones close and there is no team drama, we’ve done lots of team bonding

Whos your team’s biggest competition?

Salem, they are strong and competitive

How do you get your team ready for a match?

Pep talk and get them fired up and focused

How has being a captain impacted you guys?

Changes your perspective on your character, now you represent Plymouth Volleyball, better leader and more confident

Do you have any advice for other captains?

Don’t care what people think, believe in your abilities


If you could change something about your season what would it be?

More intense training drills

What are your goals for the season?

Get a better record and rebuild the program, play better as a team

What would you like us to know about your sport?

Very intense mental game, a lot harder than it looks