Girls Varsity Swimming · Kelsey Peregord – Cats Captain Interview

Captain interview

Kelsey peregord

Senior swim captain



How is your season going?

Pretty good, a lot closer to park rivals and hoping to beat Salem. Beat some pool and team records.

What have you done to be a leader?

Lead by example, be positive, encourage people.

How is your team chemistry?

Good, comments on how much more united the team has been this year. 

Whos your team’s biggest competition?

Canton and Salem, our skill level is close than in years past. 

How do you get your team ready for a match?

Cheers before, pep talk with coach before and during the meets. 

How has being a captain impacted you?

Makes you feel good to be a role model and more comfortable with public  speaking.

Do you have any advice for other captains?

Don’t be selfish, think of good of the team, encourage.

What are your goals for the season?

Break relay records and be park champs. 

What would you like us to know about your sport?

Lot more competitive and physically demanding that a lot of people think.