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Top 10 Highlights from the PCCS Activities and Athletics Student Handbook.

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1) Goals:  Activities and Athletics develop college and career-ready students (page 2).FA3T7672x

2) Discipline:  The regular PCCS Student Code of Conduct applies at all times while at or traveling to/from team-related functions, including games, practices, banquets, and team gatherings (page 6).

3)  Discipline: Violations of the Athletics/Activities Code of Conduct can result in both school discipline (school suspension, etc.) and team discipline (game suspensions, etc.)image039(page 6).

4) Attendance:  Students are required to attend at least three hours of the school day in order to participate in contests after school (page 7).

5) Report Card Grades:  Your semester report card grades determine your eligibility for most of the following semester (page 9).

6) Current Grades:  Your current grades are checked every 5 weeks and determine your eligibility the following week and beyond (page 9).

7) Grade Make-Ups:  The two most common ways to get a better grade are summer school and Fast Track (page 8-9).

8) MHSAA Eligibility:  There are other requirements for MHSAA eligibility, including being under 19, no more than 12th grade, transfer rules, no all-star games, etc. (page 12).

9) Chain of Command:  Students must talk to their coaches first before the parent talks to the coach or APAA (page 18).

10)  Playing Time:  In high school sports, playing time is almost never equal.  Some athletes may play much, much more than others.  All athletes must contribute to the team, on the field or from the sideline. Playing time is not to be debated with coaches or the APAA (pages 5, 15, and 19).