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Help Cheer on Winter Sports!

While fall sports season is over, there are still many opportunities to come out and support our wildcats! Winter sport games are just around the corner that means more rivalry games to go to and more ways to get involved in the school activities. We need fans to fill the stands during the winter months […]

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Pom 101

Pom is a difficult sport to define. Pom is not cheer nor is it dance. If it were, there would be no such thing as pom. Pom is a mix of both cheer and dance. Pom teams make cheer-like movements to fast paced music. While cheer does flips and stunts, pom does kicklines. In recent […]

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Snapshot of Photographer: Mr. Vasilnek

Michael Vasilnek is a parent whose daughter who is on the Plymouth Junior Varsity Pompon team; however many people can see him taking photos at many big PCEP games such as: Football, Lacrosse, Marching Band, Hockey, Pom, Baseball, and Cheer. While many photographers take photos of the athletes, Vasilnek also takes pictures of coaches, student […]

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